Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Functions You Know Love

The Fitbit Functions You Know Love

Frankly speaking, I’m docking the Blaze a few points for its looks, but there’s no denying that the watch is a perfect example of what Fitbit does best: unobtrusive and incredibly accurate activity tracking.

Like any other fitness band worth its salt, the Blaze tracks steps and sleep accurately and without any fuss. But Fitbit also took some of the best features from its most expensive activity tracker, the $250 Surge, and baked them into the Blaze.

Talk About The Moto 360 Sport Design

Moto 360 Sport Design

The Moto 360 Sport was designed to be the more durable version of the new Moto 360, resulting in a watch you'd see drawn on the wrist of Charlie Brown. It's round, friendly, and simple, with a silver bezel surrounding the 1.37-inch, 360×325-pixel display and a strong silicone band. The display is always on, as most other Android Wear watches, and it has "any light" technology that uses sunlight in place of the watch's backlight to illuminate the display.