Ladies, Look No Further Than The 42mm Moto 360

Lady 42mm Moto 360

As a woman, and someone with a smaller wrist, I’ve been strapping on Android Wear smartwatches since they first came out, and each and every time I’ve been let down by thus-and-such’s concept of “unisex” and “female friendly.” When the 42mm Moto 360 is still the size of a large Apple Watch, the way the lugs are angled allows it to fit on smaller wrists like mine. The circular shape of the watch face somewhat disguises the size, hence although it is the same measurement as the larger Apple Watch, it doesn’t look as massive. And, when you compare it to the 46mm men’s version, it looks thoroughly delicate!

I went for a silver body and the blush leather strap when I designed my Moto 360 review unit. Even though you may not be able to tell from the photos, the 42mm design actually does fit my ridiculously small wrists and it looks gorgeous. It’s the first Android Wear smartwatch that I’ve ever enjoyed wearing and the only one I’ve ever been complemented on. You see, from a distance when you just glance at it, the Moto 360 looks like a normal watch. Both male and female friends said they liked the way it looked on me better than the 38mm Apple Watch, and I had to agree.

 The 42mm Moto 360

The Moto 360 is the first Android Wear smartwatch I can safely recommend to women, and it’s the first smartwatch that’s made me consider dumping the Apple Watch.

Is the 42mm Moto 360 the perfect size? No, but it may be the best Android Wear watch option women have. Why? Design. That 42mm casing looks slimmer and fits more naturally on the wrist than the Huawei Watch, it’s closest competitor size-wise. The bezels are thinner, the profile more slender, and the lugs are angled correctly, hence they don’t wing over slim wrists. It is still pretty thick, although, however that’s something that all smartwatches will need to conquer in the near future.

 The 42mm Moto 360Probably the best part about the Moto 360 is that you can customize it to suit your tastes with Moto Maker. You can choose the metal finish on both the casing and the bezel, the texture of your watch bezel, and the kind of band you want. All the bands for the 42mm Moto 360 fit the 16mm standard, too, so you can buy your own online and they’ll fit. The slimmer bands also add to the air of femininity, and there’s a leather wrap band that loops around twice.

What's more, you can choose to get a couple different textures around the bezel, thus the metal isn’t too flashy. The textures are actually subtle and classic, as are the color options of silver, gold, and rose gold. The end result is a smartwatch that you more or less designed yourself. Moto Maker helps buyers create their own devices, which means that your Moto 360 is truly unique. Even the Apple Watch with all its bands feels limited once you’ve seen what Motorola has on offer with the Moto 360.

Further, the watch faces are highly customizable. You can vary the color palettes of watch faces if you don’t like the default color combination as well. The coolest watch face for women is the flower one, which was hand painted by a member of the Women’s Collection design team. You can choose between a variety of different flowers,such as roses, irises, poppies, lilies, and more. It’s beautiful.

The same goes for men. The Men’s Collection was curated by Motorola’s designers to suit male tastes. Guys have more options when it comes to smartwatches, hence the Moto 360 may not be to your tastes, and that’s okay. There’s always the Huawei Watch, LG Watch Urbane, and Samsung Gear S2, to name a few.