Best Outdoor GPS Watches: TomTom Adventurer

TomTom Adventurer outdoor GPS watch

Building on its TomTom Spark running range, the Adventurer packs in many of the same features but throws in some killer outdoor extras which make it a canny pick for fans of the wilderness. New sport modes mean you can now track hiking, trail running, skiing and snowboarding, and you can quickly upload GPX routes to follow them from the watch.

LG Sport Watch Review

LG sport watch

The Design

LG sport watch

Unlike the Style, on the Sport the antenna extends into the strap, which means it only fits proprietary, non-changeable, bands. These are rigidly angled inwards, but while I found this a little annoying on the Asus ZenWatch 3, I see its merits for heart rate tracking on the Sport and generally making the watch feel snug on the wrist while exercising.