Mark Carson Ka La Sport Watches Review

Mark Carson Ka La Sport Watches

To back up a bit, I wanted to make a sportier rendition of my Ka La ("The Sun" in Hawaiian) watches with a high-legibility set of hands and dial along with a high-security strap system. Many of you are no doubt familiar with so called NATO straps (actually the British MOD G10 specification, but commonly called "NATO" straps). With a strap under a watch's case back, if a single spring bar were to break, the watch might flop around on your wrist, but it would not go missing in action with a NATO strap.

2016 The Best Sport Watch: Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Water-resistant to 200m, the Black Bay Bronze is the perfect choice for confirmed divers, novice seafarers or aquaphobic landlubbers with a penchant for originality and style, making it our top choice for the Best Sports Watch of the year 2016.

Men's Sport Watches for High-Performance Athletes- Seiko Sportura

Seiko Sportura sport watch for men

The best sport watches will give you quick access to data so you can stay focused on improvement. They should be lightweight, comfortable during sweaty workouts and easy to read. If you're a track athlete or a CrossFit junkie, you'll need an accurate counter for tracking the speed of quick laps during high-intensity interval training. Accuracy is essential, so look for a men's sports watch that records your time to 1/20th of a second, though 1/10th should be enough.

Best Heart Rate Monitors

Best heart rate monitors

If you want pinpoint accuracy, get a chest strap. If you're just after more colour in your workout, and aren't interested in spending your sessions at specific bpms, a wrist-based monitor will do. Strapping on a good heart rate monitor is an easy way to supercharge your running or training. It not only makes your stats more accurate, but it also enables you to start heart rate training in specific zones, which can make your regime more efficient.