Top 9 Best Fitness Trackers Watches Review

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Consider the ways you plan to use your fitness tracker before purchasing one. For example, outdoor runners and cyclists will get more use out of a device with built-in GPS connectivity. Users who are looking to measure only basics such as steps and burned calories might not need to splurge on a feature-rich model.

Watch Recommended : ERROYL E30 Heritage Black Miyota Cal. 9015

 ERROYL E30 Heritage Black Miyota Cal. 9015

Let's get to know the ERROYL E30 Heritage Black Miyota Cal. 9015.


The elegance and greatness of a watch can not be measured by how much jewels or crystals you put into it. The sophistication and substance of E30 Heritage Black goes beyond the glitz and the glamour. It has a minimalist face incorporated with top-notch quality and craftsmanship that is truly grand and world-class.

Watch Recommended : Reviewing Ballast Trafalgar BL-3133 Watch

New Ballast Trafalgar BL-3133

Let's get to know the New Ballast Trafalgar BL-3133.

A little brand history before we get into the Trafalgar, Ballast timepieces was not the first to use submarines as an inspiration, but the brand is certainly unique in their affinity towards positioning themselves on the historical side of the Royal Navy. Ballast’s personality seems to be the more disruptive narrative of the Royal Navy. To quote some of the marketing blurb…



Let's get to know this watch.

Inspired from the most iconic and most famous bombers of the UK during the World War II, the Lancaster Bomber collection of timepieces are certainly one of the best-looking watches out there at a decent price. These timepieces are not just for status symbol which is oftentimes the main reason why people buy watches but they. The Lancaster Bomber timepiece collection have a story to them and one of them, the Lancaster Bomber AV-4024-02, is designed to give you a classic aviation feel.