High Quality Casio Digital Sports Watch Review

Casio Sports Watch

As the Spinsto appears the preferred watch out for many advanced referees, the thought of throwing lower $150 on the watch I put on a few occasions per week makes my knees weak.  I’ve attempted a few different watches, together with a Timex Ironman that actually works fairly well, along with a Wal-Mart generic brand which has very little features, only costs $10.  Both were appropriate towards the task, however I’m ongoing to look for a wrist watch which had referee-specific features, together with a countdown timer, and, ideally, the opportunity to easily stop and begin one timer, and keep

Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport Watch Hands-On

Citizen sports watches

Before talking about the particulars of the pretty awesome new Citizen Signature Grand Touring Sport watch, you should explain what that little "Signature" label means - because through the years, it's transformed meaning. To begin, you should point out that Citizen, like other major Japanese watch brands, produces both very economical watches, in addition to individuals that are a little more high-finish. Typically, many of these watches share exactly the same "Citizen" brand around the dial.