Best Heart Rate Monitors

Best heart rate monitors

If you want pinpoint accuracy, get a chest strap. If you're just after more colour in your workout, and aren't interested in spending your sessions at specific bpms, a wrist-based monitor will do. Strapping on a good heart rate monitor is an easy way to supercharge your running or training. It not only makes your stats more accurate, but it also enables you to start heart rate training in specific zones, which can make your regime more efficient.

The Most Colorful Swiss Sports Watches On the Market-Wryst Elements

Wryst Elements Swiss-made sports watches

Add some colors to your life with Wryst Elements Swiss-made sports watches. The über-dynamic and disruptive watch brand Wryst strives to be different with these exclusive luxury timepieces, produced in limited editions of only 75 pieces.

Wryst Elements watch - blue

​Garmin Approach X40 Running Watch Review

​Garmin Approach X40 running watch

While golf watches used to be designed to function as golfing accessories and nothing else, Garmin has taken a different tack with its recent golf wearables. Aside from being a golf GPS watch, the Approach X40 is part running watch, part smartwatch and a full time golf watch.

Affordable & Unassuming Polar M200 Running Watch Review

Polar M200 running watch

When it comes to finding a running watch I want something that delivers as much useful and accurate information for as little faff as possible. To that end, the Polar M200 answers my call: it works independently of my smartphone, it has GPS built in, it doesn't require charging after every run, and the interface is relatively easy to navigate.