WATCHES REVIEW : The Eterna Super KonTiki 2016

This is the review of  The Eterna Super KonTiki.

If you are familiar with Eterna as a watch brand, it is likely because of the original KonTiki, which, some maintain, has earned a place in the pantheon of iconic 

dive watches alongside the Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, Omega Ploprof, and other deep-sea trailblazers. It is named for the wooden raft that 

Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl sailed across the ocean on his legendary 1947 expedition from South America to Polynesia — a journey on which Heyerdahl and his 

Which one is better, Citizen or Seiko?


I started wearing Citizens after taking to a guy who I worked with. He was a serious watch collector, and we got to talking on a business trip. I asked him what his day-to-day watch was. He showed me his Citizen Stars & Stripes: 

If you travel, this watch (and other with the same innards) is the best watch in the world. It has two time zones, plus UTC, and you can flip the time zones without having to adjust the time. I've since bought two more with the same mechanism, my regular day-to-day watch is the titanium version: