Take A Look At The Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar 45mm Men's Watch

It’s been more than 15 years since the Swiss watchmaker introduced its first T-Touch model. Backed by all technical might of the dreaded Swatch Group, the watch was built around ETA’s then new E40.301 quartz caliber. Its exterior was designed so well that even now the timepiece doesn’t look dated.

Since those apocryphal times, the tactile-operated wristwatch has survived a great number of iterations with the latest serious update coming back in 2014 when the company introduced its sporty Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch. For the year 2015, Swis Tissot refreshes the piece with a new Expert Solar variation that features even more energetic design.

While main characteristics of the timekeeper seem to be the same, the refreshed model features a number of enhancements.

One thing that you will probably notice at first glance is proportions. Although the new variety of the T-Touch Expert is slightly wider (the 2015 model is 45 mm in width while the 2014 variation is only 44 mm wide), it is now visibly thinner measuring just 13 millimeters vs. 15 millimeters of the older model. As a result, we get a timepiece that doesn’t just look leaner, but is also more comfortable to wear.


The second is, of course, cleaner dial and slightly reworked rotating bezel. Instead of the four Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, there is a signature compass scale on the part that allows using the watch as a primitive navigation device. I am not sure whether its target audience can actually use the tool as intended (especially now, when GPS navigation is available for any smart device starting with smartphones and going all the way up the ladder to cars and all sorts of portable PCs), but it is a nice feature to have.

The list of functions for this new device is quite long. Besides the aforementioned altimeter, it includes a barometer with weather forecast, two alarms, perpetual calendar and lots of modes that will allow you to measure all sorts of time intervals. There is even a regatta timer for those into competitive sailing.

During the last year I have seen a number of videos where guys tried to pose with different 2014 models in their formal suits and I must admit that the combination of a cheap suit with an affordable sporty watch doesn’t look particularly convincing to me. Yes, trying to wear this gadget with a business suit would definitely be a mistake. Don’t do that. Just don’t.

However, using it with more casual dress (like jeans and a turtleneck sweater) would be a total win: the device makes an impression of a professionally designed and well-built object that was designed for persons that prefer active lifestyle to sedentary one. Its dial is contrast and easily readable; it doesn’t try to overload you with information as many Japanese timepieces do. It is a watch that doesn’t try to impress: it just does its job.